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Our Core Values

God gave Hope Community Church to Pembroke Pines to guide people to holistically commit to Jesus.


We are all about Jesus

(Colossians 1:14-20) Jesus is our source of life and forgiveness. We do not want to become more religious. We want to follow Jesus with all our heart, mind, soul, and body; and we want to help other people come along with us.


God loves Pembroke Pines

(John 3:16) Hope is here to serve our community. Whether you are inside the church or outside the church, God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. We can show God’s love to our community through witness and service to help our city see Jesus.


Your family is worth fighting for

(Joshua 24:15) Our culture is set on destroying your marriage and your family. We believe that our church can be a place of peace for you and your family. God’s Word holds the answers for raising a family and God’s Spirit gives you the power to protect your family.


We celebrate what God celebrates.

(Luke 15:7) God celebrates when people come to Him. God enjoys His creation and proclaimed that it is very good. We are a church that celebrates when God moves in our midst and when people are obedient to God. The main purpose of man is to obey God and to enjoy him forever.

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We become leaders by serving.

(Matthew 20:28) Jesus is the King of kings and He served people in the most humble ways. We are ready to serve one another in any way that God presents to us. Serving is the way to lead. 


God deserves 100%

(Romans 12:1) Everything we have is a gift from God: our life, our health, our family, our ability, and our money. No matter how much we give, we can’t out-give God. It is not a sacrifice to serve God, it is a privilege.

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